Brief history of Ukraine and Crimea
and why Russia is waging a war against them

Brief History of Ukraine
In 1917, when Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires collapsed, the two parts of Ukraine, divided for more than 250 years joined in one state
Genocide by starvation (Holodomor) in 1933. The man-made character of the starvation is evidenced by the fact that boarders of areas affected by hunger perfectly coincide with boarders of USSR. The west of Ukraine was not affected as at that time it was not occupied by Russia. Territories outside of Ukraine affected by starvation were populated by ethnic Ukrainians that took their linage from Cossacks expelled from Ukraine after destruction of Cossacks Hetmanate
Red/Black flag seen in Kyiv today is a flag of Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Resistance army formed during WW2 and fought with Soviet, German Nazis and Polish occupations
Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances signed on 5 December 1994, providing security assurances by its signatories in connection to Ukraine's accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The Memorandum was originally signed by three nuclear-powers, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. China and France later gave individual statements of assurance as well
Ukrainian statehood takes its origin from Kyivan Rus. For some time Rus' had been the largest state in Europe, but similarly to many other great countries of that time, it split up due to internal conflicts and repeated attacks of nomadic tribes. Next Ukrainian independent state was established by cossacks, which later was occupied by Russian Empire. Russians also occupied Crimean Khahanate Ukraine briefly reestablished its independence after the collapse of Russian Empire in 1917. However, soon it was again occupied: on the East by new imperialistic Russian force - Soviets; and the West by Poland. Ukraine paid dearly for its resistance and suffered genocide by starvation (Holodomor). Ukrainians would not give up and tried to regain the independence during WW2. At that time Ukrainians created a 100 000 strong resistance army which fought Germans and Russian occupation for over 10 years, without much arms and any help from abroad After collapse of USSR, Ukraine regained its independence. Despite the fact that most Ukrainians consider USSR as long-lasting occupation by Russians, there are no known incidents of any physical aggression against Russian population that remained in Ukraine Ukraine inherited large part of USSR arsenal of nuclear missiles (third in the world). Ukraine agreed to dismantle it, with the stipulation that United States, United Kingdom and Russia will guarantee Ukrainian sovereignty
OUTCOME: Independent Ukraine, that is slowly recovering from lengthy war with Soviet occupation

Brief History of Maidan
Orange Revolution took place in 2004, when Yanukovich, with help of Moscow's "friends", tried to falsify the presidential election results.
In 2012 trust to police fell to less than 1% (More than 1 % of Ukrainians have relatives that serve in police force)
Corruption index in 2010-2014 fell from 134 to 147
Freedome of oress index in 2012-2014 fell from 116 to 127
Protests on December 8th. Military and riot police are not yet brought in. People are demanding from government to fulfill their promises
Average age; 37 years; 43% have college degree. First victims included Yuriy Verbytskyy (left), PhD, who was kidnapped, tortured, bounded and left to die in the middle of the winter forest; and Bohdan Solchanyk - professor at Ukrainian Catholic University
On the left one of the leaders of Maidan protest, Russian-speaking Bulatov (was kidnapped and tortured by unknown forces). Protests were supported by many prominent Ukrainian Jews. On the right - Josef Zissels, Chairman of The Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities (VAAD) of Ukraine supports protesters
Protesters had to face harsh winter conditions (sometimes temperature dropped to -20C) and spent both New Year and Christmas outside, away from their loved ones.
Yanukovich and his cohorts employed so-called titushky. These gangs of armed petty criminals and thugs, paid with money of Ukrainian taxpayers, are responsible for many assaults on women and men regardless of their ties to anti-government protests. There are known reports of titushky gang raids on whole villages outside of Kyiv, while regular people risked their lives to defend their homes and families.
On the photo the members of a riot police “Berkut”, tresponsible for beatinngs and death of protesters fled from Kyiv (with help of Olesia Vorobets). They are receiving Russian citizenship. As we see, “Berkut” was so loyal to its country and ready to defend it to the end, that without blinking they change their motherland
Rally in home-city of Yanukovich in support of unification with Russia. 4 days after he fled.
Only large really in support of unification with Russia took place in Sevastopol, city where Russian military base is located
First mass protests in the history of new Ukrainian state, known as Orange Revolution, happened to objection the falsification of presidential election. Democratically elected liberal government of Victor Yushchenko included representatives of all political groups. At the same time Russian people were informed by their media of “Nazi” takeover in Ukraine and widespread repression of minorities, especially Russians. Same "Nazis", instead of destroying their opponents, allowed Viktor Yanukovich to continue his political career. In consecutive presidential election he received a victory and assumed presidential post in 2010. During the presidency of Viktor Yanukovich Ukraine slipped into state of corruption. Freedom of press was severely limited. The police force became an instrument of governmental oppression with no sense of accountability, which lead to unprecedented brutality Despite the worsening situation in their State, Ukrainians did not take it to the streets until they realized that Yanukovich’s had no intention to sign a trade association treaty with EU despite his earlier assurance. People felt deceived and felt compelled to express dissatisfaction. This is how Maidan started Maidan consisted of many well educated professionals and included people from ethnic groups living in Ukraine (Jews, Russians, Armenians, Georgians, Tatars etc). Right wing supporters had been marginalized, given their support in society is virtually non-existent. Peaceful protests continued for over 3 cold months. People of Ukraine were determined to get Yanukovich to begin an honest dialogue, but Yanukovich kept deceiving them and the rest of the world, and use criminals to stop protests On February 20th Yanukovich had to face a realization that protesters will not disperse even after military used lethal force against unarmed people. Given this development some more sane allies of Yanukovich started to desert from his side. Yanukovich fled the capital city. After his departure there was not a single report of any physical injury of his supporters in the city of Kyiv. The "terrorist", as Yanukovich describes the protesters, did not raid a single store, did not assault even one Russian tourist Some or the members of a riot police “Berkut”, who instigated most of the violence in Kyiv, fled to Sevastopol’, a city in Crimea which houses Russian military base. Nine of them received Russian citizenship in expedited manner, which is in direct violation of the Ukrainian law. When most of the countries extradite criminals, Russia protects and rewards them. After Yanukovich was officially ousted from power few rallies, with minimal number of supporters, were held in few cities of Eastern Ukraine. The only sizeable rally took place in mentioned above Sevastopol, a place of a Russian military base on Crimean peninsula.
OUTCOME: Maidan won. 94 protesters and 9 police officers sacrificed their lives. One victim died of exposure to fumes during fights at Party of Regions Office. Yanukovich fled. Rallies of Yanukovich supporters are almost non-existent.

Brief History of Invasion
According to Russian TV on the left are depicted highly trained militarized extremist that had been trained in NATO terrorists camps. On the right we can see a self-organized neighborhood watch of Crimea. President Putin claimed that military uniform can be purchased by anyone, but did not comment vehicles with Russian registration numbers, guns an interview where this “neighborhood watch„ admits that they are Russian solders
These people are pretending to be “banders”, Western Ukrainian “extremists”, who came to Crimea to assault people. Please note that these “extremists” arrived in buses with local Crimean registration signs and are armed with rifles available only in the Russian military. As for “corpses” – to this day they cannot be located by anyone (press, hospitals, and police)
Speaker of Russian parliament falsely reported that 3 Russian national were killed in Crimea by Ukrainian extremists, during the siege of Ministry of Internal Affairs. Later in Crimea denounced these claims, as no Russian nationals were harmed that day
According to Russian press, over 140 000 Ukrainians had fled Ukraine, due to violence they suffer from pro-European “extremists”. To support its claim, TV report showed line of cars (left) at the Ukrainian border. However, the depicted crossing is situated in Western Ukraine (you can see Шегині, which is a border-crossing with Poland Ukrainian border-control authorities confirmed that there is no “exodus” of Ukrainians into neighboring countries. Picture on the right is from the live webcam at border with Russia
Ukrainian poet, novelist, and translator Zhadan is savagely beaten in Kharkiv by thugs that arrived from Russian Federation
Russian citizen rips off a Ukrainian flag from government building in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and places a Russian flag instead. You can visit his page in popular Russian social network, VKontakte
Same people had been spotted at pro-Putin rallies in multiple cities, obviously being bused around to stage these demonstrations.
Anti-war and anti-Putin protests in many cities of Eastern Ukraine - Mykolayiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Kherson. Russian propaganda says that Russian army have to protect these peoples.
Russian police arrests a protester with an empty sign
Despite best efforts of Putin, the civil war in Ukraine did not start and the person who was suppose to make it happen fled (Yanukovich). Kremlin decided to “help” and created new “victimized side”. February 23rd marked a beginning of disinformational warfare against Ukraine and Ukrainians. Speaker of Russian parliament falsely reported that 3 Russian national were killed in Crimea by Ukrainian extremists. Russian TV also lied that in two month 675 000 Ukrainians had fled to Russia to escape the violence of the "extremists" and in last two weeks 143 000 claimed status of refugees. False information flooded TV and Internet. In a few days people created whole communities to locate and expose these fakes. Example: In some cities people of Ukraine became victims to staged violent acts of aggression instigated Russian Federation. Supporters of Maidan had been savagely beaten. In Simferopol pro-Putin demonstration was held under flags of Russian Federation. In return in many cities of Eastern Ukraine even Russian speaking people rallied against Putin’s invasion to Ukraine. In most Eastern city of Donetsk big pro-Russian demonstration was finally organized only when “tourists” from Russia visited the city. Any information about pro-Russian rallies is full of exaggeration. Same people are being bused from city to city to participate in them and pretend to be local. Self-imposed Aksionov who supposedly is representing all Crimean people and is a member of the organization “Russian Unity”, received 4.02% of votes during last parliamentary election in Crimea Despite widespread media disinformation some citizens of Russian Federation found courage to openly oppose military intervention into Ukraine. Such behavior is quite dangerous in Russia, where even a single protester with completely empty sign is arrested by authorities. The question of disagreement between Ukrainian and Russians is not ethnic. Ukrainians and Russians nations have some similarities. But Ukrainians chose freedom and Russians chose to mend their empire. Regretfully Ukrainian borders are quite open. Additional Russian media presence in Ukraine is quite strong, which continues to falsify the accuracy of current events. Yanukovich asked Putin for military intervention and accuses Ukraine of suppression of Russian speaking people. The absurdity of his accusations is crystal clear: Maidan Movement originated in Kyiv, in bilingual environment, which did not elect a single representative of Party of Regions during the last parliamentary elections
OUTCOME: Throughout its history Ukraine had to resist to an aggression of various empires. The victory of Ukraine is assured. The only variable in this outcome is a number of Ukrainian lives that will be lost in achieving that.
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